Thursday, October 27, 2016

Back To Wrigley

The tandem of ace Cubs’ pitcher Jake Arrieta and slugging phenom Kyle Schwarber set the Tribe on its ears last night dominating Cleveland in a 5-1 victory bringing the 2016 World Series back to Wrigley.

Arrieta went 5⅓ shutout innings while Schwarber went 2 for 4 with a walk and 2 RBIs.  Schwarber became the first position player in MLB history to earn his first hit of the season in the World Series after missing all but three games of the regular season after tearing two ligaments in his left knee back in April.

Team doctors allowed Schwarber to be the DH in Games 1 and 2.  Will he be cleared to play the outfield at Wrigley? "We'll see," Schwarber said. "I haven't tried it. So we'll take it day by day, like I said."

Manager Joe Maddon could play Schwarber in left field and move Ben Zobrist to right.  Jason Heyward was benched due to a hitting slump of just 2 for 28

The Cubbies now hold a home field advantage for Games 3, 4 and 5.  Can they win the Series by taking all three games at Wrigley?  The experts say yes.  The Cubs have a 62% chance of taking home the crown to the Tribe’s 38% according to Five Thirty Eight.

I’m not hanging my Cubbies hat on any sports expert’s notion—I’m going with my gut—the Northsiders will sweep the Tribe.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I Voted Early

Not normally a superstitious person, I was reticent to trundle down to my polling station and cast my vote in the 2016 presidential election.  After all, in 2008 and again in 2012, my guy got shellacked.

I had an 8:45 AM appointment with my pulmonologist during which I learned that there had been an issue with the refrigerator used to store vaccines for the flu and pneumonia.  After I left the doctor’s office I went to my local pharmacy and got both shots.  I was feeling slightly invincible.  “How about a bite to eat and then girding your loins to tackle that early vote?” I asked myself.

I pointed the car in the direction of my polling station to find folks lined up around the building and out to the street.  I thought about aborting my plans, but reasoned that the lines weren’t going to get any shorter so I parked the car and assumed my position in line.

People were friendly.  No one was on their phone.  Some conversations were fairly audible, others were hushed.  About 20 minutes in, I heard a woman somewhere in the back of the line begin to hack and wheeze and cough.  I thought, “This is my chance to be a real smartass.”  So…I hollered quizzically, “Hillary?  Is that you?”  The reaction from those in line was priceless.  “Lock her up!  Lock her up!” they chanted.  I made a funny.

When I finally made it inside and a poll worker escorted me to my voting machine, I looked down at the first screen totally unprepared for the impact of seeing the name of the first ever unindicted felon on the ballot for President of the United States.  This was a moment in history—a chance to stake my political claim—to stop a corrupt bitch from being coronated.

Today, I canceled out Colin Powell’s vote.  

MAKE THIS GO VIRAL: “America's Moment Of Truth”

UPDATE:  We wish to thank The Feral Irishman for linking to this post.

You’re Blind!

I watched Game One of the World Series last night and was astonished at how piss-poor home plate umpire Larry Vanover was.

I thought, as did millions of other baseball fans, that Major League Baseball was making a more concerted effort to get its best umpires into the World Series while minimizing the appearances of its weakest umps.

One headline from the Chicago Tribune read:  “Corey Kluber helps Indians to 6-0 victory over Cubs in World Series.”  Kluber’s a great pitcher, but Vanover is the one who “helped” the Indians win.  It was infuriating to watch this dolt call a handful of balls off the plate strikes and to a greater extent pitches right smack dab in the strike zone balls.

According to Baseball Prospectus, Vanover’s K/BB ratio is 2.25 compared to the MLB average of 2.58.  His ERA is 3.93 while the average MLB rating is 4.18 and finally, his WHIP rating (walks plus hits per inning pitched) is 1.29 compared to the MLB average of 1.33.
Cubs left-hander Jon Lester was noticeably upset about the disparity between calls made on his pitches and those of the Tribe's hurler.  He had a chat with Vanover at the end of the third inning to express his ire.  “I don’t know if he had a (microphone on),” Lester said. “It was just two professionals talking to each other about what was going on. I don’t comment on umpires. I’m a competitor. I think every ball I throw should be a strike. We talked it out; we hashed it out and moved on from there.”

Anyway, we’re done with Vanover.  He will rotate to the field and will be the replay official for Games 3-7.

CNBC published an interesting piece noting the 2016 World Series could be one of the last World Series in which balls and strikes are called by a home plate umpire.
“Sportvision, a subsidiary of sports powerhouse SMT, has the technology to call every single ball and strike with near perfect accuracy, using its "Pitchf/x" product.”
“Pitchf/x is the rectangle you see on TV that shows the strike zone. It's the same technology that undermines umpires when they clearly miss a call. And it's the same technology that can reduce umpires from key decision-makers to caretakers at baseball games.”
I’m not going to overreact (not much anyway) to this setback.  Kluber dominated the Cubs.  It’s not the end of the world.  Game Two starts tonight at 7:08 PM ET on FOX.  The early start is due to a forecast of rain in Cleveland.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Root, Root, Root For The Cubbies!

Those “Loveable Losers” are losers no more.  From his broadcast booth in baseball heaven Harry Caray was shouting “Holy Cow!” at the historic news the Chicago Cubs won the NLCS against the LA Dodgers and a trip to the World Series.  The World Series I tell ya!

Seventy-one years removed from their last pennant, and 108 years since their last World Series crown, the Cubbies begin the series at Progressive Field in Cleveland.  The first pitch will be tonight at 8:08 PM ET on FOX.

My beloved Atlanta Braves were awful this year but I remember well the utter euphoria in 1995 as the Braves won the World Series against the Cleveland Indians.  I have a soft spot for the Cubbies.  How can you not root hard for a team that has the longest title drought in baseball history?

Indians first baseman Mike Napoli said, “The baseball gods are really happy right now.  I wanted the Cubs to win just because I knew how cool it would be to be a part of it.  I think it’s going to be a special World Series.  There’s two droughts and there’s going to be a winner.”

Monday, October 24, 2016

Integrity Of The FBI Called Into Question

The political action committee of Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia, an influential Democrat with longstanding ties to Hillary and Bill Clinton, gave almost $500,000 to the election campaign of the wife of an official at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That very same official played a role in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State under President Barack Obama. Campaign finance records show McAuliffe’s political-action committee gave $467,500 to the 2015 state Senate campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe, the wife of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

White House Admits Everything They Told Us About Obamacare Was A Big, Fat Lie

Cue the creepy Stephen Hawking laugh:

Flowing Curves Of Beauty

There are some days you should go back to bed with a hot brandy, a box of chocolates and a warm energetic companion.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Alabama Crimson Tide Vs Texas A&M Aggies

This afternoon, beginning at 3:30 PM ET, all eyes will be glued to a TV set in anticipation of the battle that will be waged at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa.  Bama haters are itching to see the Aggies serve up the Tide’s first loss of the season.

Some would have you believe that Alabama must lose a game this season and it will come at the hands of either A&M or LSU.

Is there any reason to believe that the Aggie defense that gave up 684 yards of offense to Tennessee, a team Bama held to under 200 yards last week in Knoxville, will win today?  The ESPN Matchup Predictor gives The Crimson Tide a 76.7% chance at victory and A&M a pathetic 23.3%.

Folks in College Station have high hopes of a win today and uploaded a hype video to pump them up:

OK, TA&M has played very well so far this season.  The Aggies are rested as they come off a bye week and they’re hanging their hat on QB Trevor Knight who led the Sooners to a 45-31 victory over my beloved Boys from Tuscaloosa in the 2014 Sugar Bowl.
Knight ain’t no “Johnny Football” and their “12th Man” will be noticeably absent in a stadium filled with over 108,000 rabid Houndstooth-hat-wearin’ crimson-clad fans in Tuscaloosa.  Alabama has vanquished other quarterbacks cut from the same cloth as Knight.  I don’t think for one moment that he will be able to sit in the pocket and exploit the Tide’s secondary nor will he have any better success running against Alabama’s D-line than Josh Dobbs did last week.  Saban and Kiffin will have the Aggies on their heels early and often.
Here’s hoping the cameras capture Aggie fans doing some epic “surrender cobras” as they come to realize they’re losing the game.


Friday, October 21, 2016

If She Wins Liberal Hacks Will Spend The Next Several Years Powdering Granny’s Folds

This presidential race has been a three-ring circus and not the good kind we remember as kids.

The avalanche of leaked emails brought to us by Julian Assange, the FBI 302s exposing Clinton’s quid pro quo, strong suspicions of intentional voter fraud, voter intimidation by DNC operatives like Robert Creamer and the blinding liberal bias and media collusion has folks reeling in disgust.  Apparently, this election cycle will determine the presidency of No Longer America.

Makes ya wonder if all the circus clowns whose job it was to sweep up after the elephants ran off to become campaign spokesmen for Hillary.  I hope they’re happy to be in league with The Beast because if she wins on November 8th they’re going to be stuck powdering Granny’s folds for the next several years.  They must be so proud.


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