Monday, March 27, 2017

Flowing Curves Of Beauty

She was the kind of girl who wore dark lipstick and didn't need to speak a word to seduce you.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Proof In Charge

Your humble blogger will be on hiatus for the next two weeks.  While I’m enjoying the sun and fun at the beach, co-blogger and long-time friend Proof will be in complete charge of the joint.

Sophie The Wonderdog is looking forward to spending time with her little buddies Tika and Teddy and being spoiled rotten by my friend of 40+ years.

I put up a banner saluting the king of absurdity, Al Franken AKA Stuart Smalley.  He deserves to be mocked hard and often.  The banner is my contribution.

Proof has the keys to the liquor cabinet.  Go easy on the guy while I’m gone.  And don’t worry…I made sure the ladies for our regular Monday feature “Flowing Curves of Beauty” are queued up. (I can’t afford to have Proof post another round of Star Trek babes.)

Take care.  See ya on the flip side.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

And…It’s Ruined

Come on, admit it.  Your brackets got busted when Northwestern beat Vandy.  Maybe your brackets survived but were later blown up when the Badgers kept ‘Nova out of the dance.

The NCAA says more than 99% of all brackets were busted by the end of the First Round.
Today’s games will complete the Round of 32 and will punch the remaining tickets to the Sweet 16. Will the Road to the Final Four be a regional matchup between my beloved Duke Blue Devils and those dastardly Tarheels of Carolina?  I’m banking on it.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hillary Clinton: "I'm Ready To Come Out Of The Woods"

The woods around Chappaqua have been filled with screaming and blame-tossing for the last four months as Granny Clinton searched for how it all went wrong. The unfortunate locals who wandered those forlorn acres have been terrorized by ominous piles of rocks and sinister twig figures reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project.

Speaking at a St. Patrick’s Day event in Scranton the sore loser said, “So, I was thinking, like OK, what do we do?  You know, walk in the woods.  You know you can only do so much of that. I’m ready to come out of the woods.”

The trees said, “Oh thank God. She never shuts up!”

I blame Hansel and Gretel for leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for her to follow.


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